Accord is a multi-dimensional profitability analytics solution that enables any Financial institution to clearly understand what is driving the bottom line and reconciles results to the FI’s external financial results. The solution supports best practice Management Accounting for Funds Transfer pricing, Risk Measurement, and Non-interest expense accounting. Provides extensive end-user reporting capability with enhanced visualization.

Features and Benefits

Multi-dimensional profitability

  • Profitability information calculated and integrated across an unlimited number of dimensions (Product, Organization, Customer, Geography, etc.).
  • Creates one single version of the truth and reconcilable to external financial results.
  • Pre-built end-user reporting dashboards with enhanced visualization.
  • Multi-dimensional modeling for advanced analytics/ real-time scenario modeling.
  • Conduct profitability forecasting for any dimension.
  • Supports all allocation methods for any financial data distributions.

Efficient maintenance of Solution

  • Requires no custom language, coding, or query writing by IT.
  • Easily import data from existing spreadsheets, databases or core systems.

Solution Key Components that Drive Business Value

Measure at the account or instrument level (lowest level)

  • Enables Multi-dimensional view
  • One single version of the truth


  • Providing business users capability to drill and drill through to information that answers the “WHY” question.

Timely delivery of information to Business Users

  • Minimum requirement Monthly
  • Ideally update daily

Strong Corporate Governance on Measurement Methodology

  • Creates consistency and confidence with business
  • Reconciliation to external Financial reporting

Profitability information to be aligned with the Corporate Strategy, Planning and Forecasting


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